About Me

My love for knives came about from a number of factors.

As a youngster, I used to spend time with my Dad while he was doing woodwork and then started doing some work of my own which really developed me in a creative way, giving me independence with tools and the desire to tinker.
I was also lucky enough to have parents that put me in the Scout movement, which lead to a deep seated love of the outdoors. From there, I started looking into Bushcraft after seeing Ray Mears on the TV and as I couldn’t afford a fancy knife I decided to make my own instead.

I started my first knife in 2005 and have been improving and expanding my abilities ever since. I'm very passionate about both the making of knives and the using of knives as tools. I mainly make fixed blade knives via stock removal but when I can, I do some occasional forge work and am expanding into folding knives as well.
I make my own blades but also enjoy working on blades from other knifemakers as it allows me to experience styles that I wouldn’t normally see.

I quite happily take on commissions of complete knives but am also prepared to make just one component (sheath, handle or blade) so feel free to contact me about any ideas you may have.

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