Dartmoor Survival Knife (CSK185) Rehandle

The Dartmoor Survival knife (CSK185) was made by Wilkinson Sword before it stopped operating. 

At that time, a number of the blanks were sold off, and this is one of those that has been rehandled by me with Coyote Brown G10 scales, green micarta spacer and carbon fibre pins. 

I've put a second blank in some of the pictures to show the tang underneath - on that blank it still needs bevels and I've removed the saw blade.

 The original design had a removable handle that hid a survival tube underneath. My version isn't removable and is focused on having a comfortable handle first. I felt that the handle was too narrow and straight to be practical for a knife this size so added an extra spacer to allow it to be made wider. Initially that spacer was the same brown G10 but after two attempts, I had run out of spare G10. By going for the Green Micarta, it makes a feature of that addition and makes it stand out rather than trying to pretend the joint isn't there.

Internally, I was concerned that the amount of free space would cause the handle to shift so I cut and shaped a piece of tufnol to fit. No one will (hopefully) ever see it but I know it's there.


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