2017 Best Nine!

I'm finding that posting pics of work onto Instagram is so much easier than onto Blogger that I can't help but pu more up there than here.

My Instagram page is: https://www.instagram.com/stewartjlightknives/

As the end of 2017 is drawing near, I did the usual use of 'Best Nine' to see what mine have been over the last year.

Here are the top nine liked posts out of the 115 I made in 2017:

So top row numbers 1 and 2 are an Enzo necker I handled in Carbon Fibre over thin orange G10 liners. I don't have a picture of it done and it's still waiting to be sheathed (and sold!)

Top row number 3 is where I'm setting up to make two sheaths - one for a TRC and one for an Entrek (while watching a Lego film):

The middle row 1 and bottom row 1 are a rehandling an EKA in Yew plus a new sheath:

Middle row 2 is a rehandlng of a Habalis Bushtool in Australian Goldfield Burr. That picture shows how much the wood colour changed after soaking in Danish Oil, with the unoiled part to the left.

Middle row number 3 is a James Wood blade that I had part handled some time ago, not liked the handle and then rediscovered. I started a bit of reshaping but it go put to the side aain so there is nothing more to show....yet.

Bottom row 2 is a blade I won from Barmond . It's an RWL-34 blade and I have plans for the handling but can't find the bits. As it's one I'll be keeping for my own use I want to use some o my stash of handle materials that I don't want to sell - I have some Merino horn that I would like to try use but I can only find one side at the moment! If not that then I have various bits of Desert Ironwood or Yellow Mallee Burl that are candidates.

Bottom row 3 is a picture of the wooden surfboard I made at the start of the year. I have detailed some more pictures on it's own page here: http://www.stewartjlight-knives.com/2017/12/wooden-surfboard-76-magic-carpet.html


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