A James Wood knife, rediscovered!

So I was doing some sorting in the workshop earlier and came across this knife I started back in 2011. (An update, long overdue)

 The blade is by James Wood and for the handle I had fit a Mammoth Ivory bolster with a Desert Ironwood spacer and Curly Birch handle.

I had put it to the sidebecause on that initial shaping I felt that the handle would end up too small and 'wrong'. When I came across it today I figured that I may as well have a play with the handle and see if it would work as is.

The results are below, and I think quite promising. I'm going to persist with it - it still need the handle thinning a bit at the front as well as general smoothing.

I think I'm also going to play with some dye on the Birch. It's something I've been meaning t try and this would be a good candidate as the wood isn't as Curly as some Curly Birch.


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