Kiridashi KITH II

I just found this in my drafts, unpublished and thought I should pop it up, depsite it being from a while ago!

As a follow on from this post: A Pair of Kiridashis I thought I would post up about each participants Kiridashi as it shows such a great variety of style in such a simple design.

Some gave specifications of their kiridashi but some didn't so I'll only be able to include details where possible.

Smokepole / - It's made from 5160 carbon steel - essentially a spring steel, used in the leaf springs of amongst others Land Cruiser and Mercedes suspensions. Stock is 1/4" (6mm) thick, blade is just a smidgen under 3" long, high hollow grind, OAL is 6.7", "scales" are thin orange G10 micarta, rivets/pins are from 316 stainless steel. It weighs in at about 2.6 ounces....

Justa1098 / - 3mm o1. 2 days in ferric and then fiddled with a little...

Kris J / - Forged from a horseshoe with 01 laminated cutting edge

Vincent Vega - O1, Box wood handle

Pieinthesky - Titanium scales, approximately 7" long.

elbuchu - 1070 forged

ShaunSA - The hilt is matshwiri copper pins forged from a piece of 5160

Remy B - Forged C75 (aka 1075 carbon steel)
Hand-rubbed blade
StingRay skin
Resin soaked TsukaMaki
Kydex sheath

Stuart Mitchell - 160mm overall with a 60mm cutting edge, steel is 4mm stock 67 layered Suminagashi...

Cybertrix - The material is 5mm thick 420 stainless steel as that is what I was working with when the KITH came up. The overall length is 185mm or 7 1/4 inches and the handle is 26mm wide or 1 inch.

Camperman - The blade is O1

GHEzell - Wrought iron with a W2 edge.


Ru Titley - 5mm 01 tool steel , all over ferric etch and stone-wash. stonewashed Silver twill G-10 over orange G-10 liners and ally tubes with a CF pattern foliage gray Holstex sheath .

Stuart Wilson

LarsMJ - Steel is 316 stainless laminate and old file steel ( lots of carbon ......) - and finally some of my silk tsuka ito was used for a knife .....( I bought it back in 1994 when I thought that I was going to make a japanese sword ....

and last of all, mine.


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