Enzo Trapper with Black Micarta and Birch handle

This one was commissioned to be given as a gift to a Best Man at a wedding.

An Enzo Trapper blade in N690 steel was supplied - very thin and sharp edge at the blade end!

The original plan for the handle was for the wood section to be a spalted piece of wood but unfortunately it warped, despite it being stabilised. It was a cross cut piece so more susceptible to later warping and it's not the first time it's happened to me. I think I've now decided to not use cross cut on commissioned pieces. It's not worth the stress, time and cost for me to replace when it goes wrong.

The Birch I ended up using has an exceptional colour to it. It was from Dennis at Brisa (who also produces the Enzo range) quite some years back. I had been saving it for the 'right' project. I think this works.
Carbon fibre pins were used to tie the feel of the black micarta bolster through the handle.

For the sheath, a firesteel loop was requested as an added extra. I couldn't resist using a left over from the handle wood to make up a completed firesteel as I gave my Brother a knife as a gift when he was Best Man for me so it was a commission that I connected with!


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