A parang inspired design.

So I drew this one up last night..

It's an interesting one as to how it came about.

A chap called Micheal Clark had drawn this up as a parang design in 6mm and had asked for view on it.

 I thought that it needed some tweaks and suggested some thoughts. I then found that doing a sketch overlay was easier than trying to describe it. (A picture paints a thousand words after all!!)

Later I found myself tweaking the design more to what I would have done from the start and ended up with the design at the top of the page. It makes me think of a pirate's cutlass! I think it's certainly one to look at for a future build but not in 6mm thick steel. This one needs to be lighter!

Interestingly, overlaying the two deigns they now look like very very distant relatives - the handle has changed, the blade has changed. The only thing vaguely the same is that it has a guard and the overall length but I'll probably end up changing that when it comes round to making it as looking at it now it looks too long!


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