A broken Global Knife, reborn!

 I was given this broken G-58 Global knife recently. I don't know what the thought was when it was given to me as to what I could do with it, but I'm pretty certain what I did do wasn't what was expected.

So, here's the rough plan.....

Re-joining the original handle is a waste of time (for me) but I can make a shorter functional knife from what's left.

 First, drill a hole (solid carbide drill bit - this is hardened steel remember!)

Next grind off the bits I don't want.

 The end of the tang needs to taper (you'll see why later) so this squared off bit needs to go from this....

to this....

 The notch in the end was done with the grinder as well. It's to add a bit of bite inside the handle and help it resist rotating.

 Next up, get some old cotton based material.

 Two pairs of jeans - one black denim and the other dark blue denim. A shirt in a pale blue.

Enlist a helper to cut them into strips.

and you get a pile like this.

The denim alternates and for the shirt there are just a couple of pieces in the middle with a plan that it'll be a subtle contrast to the dark denim.

Next up, getting all the bits ready to make the homemade micarta handle into a solid piece (or two!)

There's no chance of pictures part way through this bit as it's way too messy as it is but fiberglass resin is used to sandwich the pieces of cloth together while the blade is sat in the middle.

Lots of clamps to hold it!

Opened up....

...and separated....

Pictures are a bit sparse now but rough shape the handle then properly shape the front...

....then glue the blade in place (oh and add a pin!)

Lots more shaping and dust later you get this.....

I shaped the handle to allow a variety of holds. I think this one will be a deceptively versatile knife in the kitchen!

I'm happy with the contrast of the denim but I think I would have like the centre lines of the shirt to have been more distinct. As it was the shirt has darkened quite a bit with the resin. I still like it but I now think a bright red or orange would have been better!




  1. very nice indeed! You are a craftsman.

  2. As ever I am blown away by your creativity. The knife is definitely a 'go to' kitchen tool due to the versatility.