Kiridashi time with a give away planned!

I've started a new kiridashi.

It's for a KITH on a knife forum - KITH stands for Knife In The Hat - it's basically a make and swap between different knife makers. It's a good way of trying something new and is a bit of fun!

I have had an old Nicholson file knocking around for a while and I've decided to make mine out of that.

A bit of doodling....
I didn't like how the handle shaped round so you'll see the outline different in the next pictures.
I cut off the excess file. This was done nice and slowly with the angle grinder and frequently dipped in water so as to preserve the heat treatment.

I'm also going to mould the handle directly in place in home made micarta as a bit of fun so the tang needs tapering to allow the micarta to flow.

I started the tapering then realised that it would be easier to drill some holes while the sides were still parallel!

I've been distracted by the offcut and decided that I'm probably going to handle this up as a give away over on my facebook page when it's done. ( ) I'm thinking a frame tang build with probably a micarta / g10 core and wooden sizes, carbon fibre pins. The handle will be curved in the same sort of shape as the one above.

I'll post up here when the give away is ready but I would suggest keeping an eye on my facebook page too just in case.


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