Lauri Leuku progress

I came across a Leuku I have in progress the other night. I had put it to one side as I needed some more aggressive belts (the oak is tough) and then it got moved around lots and forgotten.

I've just had in some new 80 grit belts so decided to tackle it a bit more - it was started in 2010 so it's been hanging around a while!

If I'm honest, I had gone off the idea of it and had considered stating the handle again but with a bit more shaping it has grown on me again so I will endeavor to finish it this year!!

Oh, and I no longer use masking tape to cover blades. I now use electrical tape after discovering that masking tape would allow moisture behind it and then hold it there, causing a rusty blade - obvious in hind sight but the original reason for taping the blade was protecting me from the edge and the blade from scratches.

I was in two minds about taking the current tape off but in the end I couldn't resist seeing what was there!

Actually not too bad! I shall give the blades a slight polish when the handle is done then probably force a patina with vinegar or mustard which will mask any blemishes.

Some other earlier progress pictures:


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