A Friction Folder concept design.

Not a lot to see but a little doodle earlier of an idea for a friction folder. I've worked out the internal bits (they're hidden under the red and black!)

I'm really keen to do this but what I would also really like to do is build it while recording it as a stop motion animation. I really like Fank Howarth's work that he does and the amount of time and effort he must put into some of his videos is immense.

To show it, here's one that he has recently published on his self assembling table saw:


then the making of that video:


His other videos are worth checking out too.

I think it's probably too optimistic doing the whole build of the knife as an animation, especially considering it could be my first time making such a film! I'm thinking that as my plan for this could be for it to be fully dismantle-able with a screw construction, that having it build itself in an animation could be fun.

We'll see!!!!


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