A Fallkniven F1 and Cold Steel Trailmaster transformation!

The original request for this one was a trio of knives, all rehandled the same to match in black micarta with red G10 liners.

This is the three knives:
 - Fallkniven F1 Pilots Survival knife
 - Kershaw Camp 18
 - Cold Steel Trailmaster

The plan for the shape of the handles was quite specific
I really like the Trailmaster blade but I think the handle is ridiculous. Far too small and no hook to lock the hand in place. This is the second I've rehandled - the other can be found here
The F1 is designed to be a airplane pilot's knife so I guess is designed to be quite slim and compact to keep in the cockpit.
The Kershaw handle is curvy but extremely coarse. I can't imagine it will be pleasant to use for long.

It was requested to have handles all to match in black micarta. As the knives all have a stick tang, it was at first decided to have a frame of micarta made for round the tang, then micarta scales either side, separated by red G10 between.

When I got the micarta through I had a rethink. The micarta was so thick that I would have had to remove a lot of material and just waste it turning it into dust. A change of plan was made so that just two pieces of black micarta were used per knife. I milled out a rebate in each piece of micarta to accept the tang with just one piece of G10 between.

The Kershaw needed to have the black coating removed so the blade matched the other two in appearance. Thankfully the handle is just held on with two removable bolts so easy to take off then a liberal amount of nitromors to strip the coating. Unsurprisingly, once the coating was removed there were deep grind lines left on the blade from the manufacturing process. I'm yet to see a coated knife that doesn't hide grind lines! A lot of time was spent grinding the blade to a higher grit finish, including a fair bit of hand sanding to ensure the blade wasn't over heated.
It was later decided to not pursue the completion of the handle. Various reviews showed the blade to not be as good as hoped so not worth the investment of a better handle. This is where having a bolt on handle was useful!

For the Trailmaster, the guard was left in place but the top reduced so that the hand could hold over the top of it if desired. If you look back to the picture above, there is marker pen on the blade of both the F1 and Trailie where choils were intended for the forefinger when choking up.
To fit the design of the new handle, the tang needed to be made shorter but also needed some holes drilling through for the corby bolts to be located. This is hardened VG10 steel laminated between softer steel! I like solid carbide drill bits - took a while but got there!!

For the F1, it was essentially the same as the Trailmaster but it needed a guard adding in stainless steel to match.


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