Vagnino Zipslip Mk1 v Mk 2 comparison

Towards the end of 2012, I was lucky enough to be sent a Zipslip made by Michael Vagnino to try and review. I have republished that review here: Vagnino Zipslip / Spyderco UKPK comparison review

Some of the views I had of it were negative but there were also positives.

Since then Michael has been refining the Zipslip model and I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to have a look at one of these newer models.

In the original review I compared and contrasted the Zipslip with a Spyderco G10 UKPK.
For this look it is more about doing comparison between the Mk 1 and Mk 2 Zipslips.

In this picture, from the top:
- Mk 1 Zipslip
- Spyderco G10 UKPK
- Mk 2 Zipslip
- Spyderco FRN UKPK

As I have written about the Mk 1 Zipslip previously, I won't go through all the details again.

What I intend to do is pick up on odd snippets of thoughts about the knives as they come about. I will try focus on the negatives that I highlighted before and see if they are still present.

Both Zipslips have the same pocket clip design but the Mk 2 has a narrower gap than the Mk 1

The Mk1 pocket clip sits in the hand well so unsurprisingly the Mk 2 pocket clip is even less noticeable in the hand.

Both Zipslips have gently rounded scales. Very comfy.

A big negative I had with the Mk1 in the original review was the tight radius of the forefinger choil. I found it pinched my finger where the UKPK doesn't.
I was really pleased to see that the Mk 2 Zipslip has a larger radius!

Comparing the Mk 2 to the UKPK, the radius of the choils look extremely similar.

UKPK overlaid on the Mk 2

Mk 2 in hand - no pinching!!

Another area I picked up on with the Mk 1 Zipslip was the grooves in the handle. I loved the look of them but because the corners of the grooves were a sharp 90 degrees, I felt they would start to rub and cause discomfort in use.

No grooves in the Mk 2.

The handle shape has changed for the Mk 2. for me, I didn't see the handle shape of the Mk 1 limiting but I could imagine that anyone with large hands was using it they may find the rear 'hook' of the handle uncomfortable. With this redesign I can see it being less restrictive.

The screws look great with the dull finish against the handle.

If I'm getting fussy having all the screws the same would be nice, but really that is nitpicking!

Best shot I could get of the grind from the end!

The pivot pin on the Mk 2 is slightly raised - it's barely noticeable in the hand and is no issue.

I'm really struggling to conclude this write up and have sat with it for quite a while. The first review was fairly easy as it was written with no prior thought. With this review I have the previous review sat in my mind and sat written down to look at. It's hard to write this without feeling like I'm just going over the same things again.

I suppose in conclusion, it's really pleasing for me to see that Michael has taken on board opinions about his work and reacted in a positive way. I was really torn with the first ZipSlip. I wanted to like it but those little niggles would just steer me away from it. Now, however, it's a winner - I have no negatives for it.

If I had the money, I would buy this updated version in a heartbeat.

Any questions or views, feel free to share!


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