Spyderco Mule MT07 Damascus in Buckeye Burr

This is a Spyderco Mule handled in stabilised Buckeye Burr. The Buckeye Burr was chosen to be fairly plain in contrast to the blade pattern but there are a pair of mosaic pins in the handle to jazz it up a bit.

The sheath has a bit of stamping decoration to give a suggestion of the ripple in the blade pattern hiding inside.

Spyderco Mule Team 7 - Damascus

Spyderco's Damascus Mule Team is a laminated fifteen-layer steel with a Suminagashi pattern.  The Damascus Mule's steel is composed of layers of erosive and non-erosive material over a VG-10 core center.  The erosive layers are hard martensite stainless steel and the non-erosive layers are anti-corrosion nonferrous metal.   These layers block carbon particles in the core from spreading to the outer layers.  After layering the blade is forged to intentionally distort the layer-lines making a complicated, artistically beautiful pattern called Suminagashi.  Suminagashi is the traditional Japanese art form of creating ripples of Chinese ink on the surface of water.  This steel mimics the art form with interesting results on a knife blade.  Once the layers are distorted, the blade is bathed in acid etching the pattern to vivid relief. 



  1. plz lmk if you would consider selling tha k you

    1. Hi,

      This one was a commissioned piece so not for sale unfortunately. I'm always open to commissions though - I don't know if there are any of the Damascus mules for sale anywhere but I do know of someone selling a 52100 mile blade of the same shape.