Mancave Monday 3/2/2014

My usual mancave nights are a Monday so in a bid to get back to more regular blogging again, I'm going to try a quick synopsis of what I work on each week, rather than just waiting until a project is finished.

So a trio of knives ready for handles to be stripped off and re-built.

 So first off the kukhri - current horn handles that are a bit too short....

...and no flare at the back so it feels like it wants to slip away from the hand, even with the finger grooves.

I suspected that a simple drilling of the pins would result in the old handle coming off quite easily. The old pins were obviously aluminium in a split brass sleeve, rivetted over and the glue holding the scales was virtually non existant.

Then the dive knife. I was a bit more wary of this one! The bolster on the back of this one is a heck of a lump and it puts the balance quite far back.

 So hacksaw away.......

and all the way to the bottom...

then a bit chiselling....

I then got a shock when out popped the blade and the butt cap! no tang between them.

Very secure in manufacture but it'll make a rehandle interesting!!!

After that I drilled and started to shape a set of tufnol scales for a Bones61 kitchen knife, then a bit of glue and some loveless bolts and that won't be budging.

A rasp knife sat on the side then caught my eye and I decided to cut some Wenge for a handle.

The bumps and holes left from the rasp teeth would cause fitting the handle to be problematic so I'll be fitting some micarta liners in place out of some white hessian sheet.

Oh, and I couldn't resist starting to shape the canadian-esque doodle.....


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