Mancave Monday 10/2/2014

So a Just Like That / JLT knife arrived this week ready for a rehandling. It arrived with Reindeer Antler scales which were just too slippy in use. A good sized handle on this one!

A brief spell in some boiling water and.......... they pop!

The new scales will be in a synthetic of some sort. I'm waiting to here what has been chosen out of this lot:

 This is the Bones61 kitchen knife from last week that has now been glued and the tufnol shaped. It still needs a bit of tweaking and sanding.

The micarta liners have been glued up on the rasp knife shown last week. I shall see if that has worked this evening!

Next I started looking at some other blades I have kicking around as I realised I had quite a few to work on that are unclaimed (over 100!)

So at the top of the picture is a Woodlore / Alan Wood type knife. I was considering the purple box elder scales that it's sat on but have decided they will go on the utility knife underneath them.
the damascus knife on the left will get Bog Oak scales with red liners.
The enzo neck knife is going to have pink G10 and carbon fibre scales.

 Enzo necker:

Woodlore type knife which will have African Ironwood scales with red liners and brass pins.

 Two I found which I think are going to get theit handles removed!!

I also cut the tang down on the kukhri from last week to a stick tang, cut some hessian scaking for spacers and also some Cocobolo. It will have Bog Oak for the remainder of the handle.



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