Enzo Necker in Bog Oak & Yellow Mallee Burr with a Maroon micarta spacer

My second Enzo necker finished.

This one is the flat grind model whereas the first was the scandi grind - I have another flat grind waiting for a handle but there's no plan for it yet!

The handle on this one is made from Bog Oak at the front with two stainless steel pins.
There is a spacer in maroon micarta next - the contrast with the Bog Oak isn't as distinct as I pictured in my head when planning. I forgot that the micarta would finish darker whereas I was picturing it more red but I do like the subtle contrast on this one.
The end of the handle is Yellow Mallee Burr which is one of my favourite woods.

For the sheath, I kept it quite simple. It has a normal leather belt loop but I also added a floating lobster clip so it can just be quickly clipped to a belt loop, rucksack, etc, etc.


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  1. Lovely job Stewart, might have to get one of those Enzo necker blanks and have a go at doing one myself.