Damascus Puukko

Just finished....

All the work is by myself - blade, handle and sheath.

The blade is forge welded / damascus steel from 15n20 and CS70. When the layers were forged together, cuts were made in the billet then it was further forged down to show the patterning. For the bevels, I put a flandi type edge on it (thanks to FGYT for the term and idea). This way the pattern shows on the flat of the edge then different on the angled bevel, but the edge is at another angle and will not show the damascus pattern as it is sharpened.

The handle is made from Cocobolo, two Mammoth Ivory spacers, some black and red liners and a brass bolster and end cap with a hammer textured finish.

The sheath is dyed brown and has been patterned over the surface with a Crazy Legs stamping pattern then finished with Ko Cho Line.

Unfortunately when sharpening the blade, a sneeze resulted in a slip that made the edge grind too high at teh start of the edge. I don't use jigs but grind freehand so the blade moved too easily the wrong way! The only reason I can actually accept to send this knife out is that it's going to be used and sharpened and that mistake will disappear under the whetstones over time and the new owner still wants it (though I would happily keep this one here for me!!)

The damascus has two flaws in the pattern welding. They won't affect function of the knife and add to the character of a handmade blade!


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