Rabbit Dispatcher

I've come across some pictures of older bits of work from a few years back

First off to post up is this Rabbit dispatcher.

As a design it may not be immediately obvious what it is to be used for. I made it for my Father-in-Law as he flies a Harris Hawk. When the bird has a rabbit pinned between it's talons, it's tricky to dispatch the rabbit and stop it wriggling around while also dealing with the bird.

 Every surface of this has been rounded over except the chisel like tip. This makes it safe to slip between the Harris Hawk's talons and push the tip against the neck or head of the rabbit, then insert it through the rabbit.

 I had planned for the 'guard' to go between the first and second finger but either hold will work.

The handle is tufnol with red vulcanised fibre liners. It is held on with a loveless bolt at the front and a hollow brass tube at the rear. The tufnol is paler in colour than I would have liked -before shaping it was darker. Hopefully over time it will darken down after being subjected to blood, sweat, dirt and oil!


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