An old Sgian Dubh design i came across.

I randomly found this old doodle that I did years ago in a cooking book, presumably being used as a bookmark!

I did attempt to make it, very early on in my knife making journey but it turned out quite different. I think I was being very ambitious with what I could achieve at that time. I still like the design and think I will have to do it again, correctly this time.

I find the doodle quite interesting to see again..

The knife is quite obvious what it is, as is the knotwork in the middle. On the left is some filework doodling. I've not particularly done much filework but looking at that has piqued my interest again - I particularly like the one that is one up from the bottom.
The object at the top, I have no idea what it is or what it was intended for! It's obviously supposed to rotate with a stop block but for what purpose, I have no idea. I think it's going to bug me for a while trying to remember why I drew it!


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