A Jungle Parang - now full tang

There are some pieces of work that you connect with and some that fight you all the way. This one was a fighter. This is the second set of scales it had and they nearly needed to come off too.

For the handle pins, I was going to pein straight brass rods over so it held the scales on, as well as the glue. When I started to rivet them over, it all went wrong with all the pins. Very messy with bits of brass chipping off and not diverting evenly. I don't know why I carried on after the first was going wrong!!

I ended up drilling them all out and managed to replace them with some large loveless bolts.

I welded a piece of mild steel to the small stick tang of the parang to make it a full tang. Micarta liners were made from some old denim jeans.
The scales are an unknown hardwood that I have brushed to add some gentle texture. I soaked the scales overnight in Danish Oil that has given it a lovely colour.