"There are no mistakes in knifemaking, just design changes."

The subject line is a quote I heard a long time ago and it's very true.

I have just had to do a design change on the EnZo necker I'm working on.

So, I have the front micarta parts of the handle glued on and the rear pieces of cocobolo are ready to be stuck on.

I hadn't realised I wasn't very generous with the size of the cocobolo I cut and then when I've tidied up the edge that'll join upto the micarta, it's left the back of the knife tang sticking out the back of the wood.


Now I did consider just chucking the existing bits of wood in a box to maybe used on something else and start again but I thought something more interesting could be done.

I brought a few options in and showed them to my wife and this is what we settled on.

It's a piece of nickel silver as a spacer and I think it'll add a real nice touch to it. 
I think this'll be a good design change!


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  1. awesome! i love how you rescued that and turned it into something even better! excellent job.