A mixed bag update!

Just had a great holiday last week so nicely refreshed!

A few snippets of bits I'm working on...

A Scandinavian knife that needs a lot of care to get back into a working knife.

The tang is extensively rusted and will need welding onto another piece of steel.

The tang cleaned as much as I dared and a slot cut in a much bigger piece of mild steel that will become part of the tang.

An essential tool in the welding - a potato! The potato will stop the blade overheating during welding and losing the hardness of the blade.

A bit of welding done and the high spots ground back. It'll take quite a few more sessions to have enough material built up to then grind down to the right size.

An old butchers knife, much loved and sharpened down so much it's now a boning knife!! Curly birch with homemade micarta liners. When the handle is fully shaped, brass pins will be rivetted in place.

Chasing scratches!!!

I need a bit of help from Mr Sharpie Magnum to make sure I'm taking off steel in the right place for the next session.


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  1. This is super interesting! I have been looking into unique knives! can you tell me where I can find more like this? thanks again for sharing!