Brusletto Friction Folder

Sorting through some pictures I came across this piece of work, long complete, but I had an inkling that I hadn't posted it complete.

There are some progress pictures here:
(which reminds me that the Svord Peasant and Enzo friction folder are still not complete - the problem of non-commissioned projects going down the list!)

The blade is a Brusletto Brevkniv blade, modified to suit a friction folder. The handle is made from African Blackwood with a tufnol spacer and brass pins.

The tail of the tang that pokes out of the handle is a lot smaller than often seen on other friction folders. This is good for the pocket but it means there's less to grip the hand to stop rotation of the blade in use - I wouldn't recommend using any friction folder in a way that would push it closed anyway.

I wanted to be comfortable that there was enough friction on the blade to be safe to use and carry so I had it in a pocket for a good while (couple of weeks at least) to see if it opened - not at all.

This brief video gives an idea to the resistance:

I have at least one more of these blades, maybe more. Next time I'll have a more prominent contrast between the scales and the spacer but apart from that I'm happy with the design.

Feel free to drop me a note if you would like one building up to your specs!


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