Spyderco Mule MT01 52100 - Rethink!

The first Spyderco Mule produced!
Spyderco Mule Team 1 (52100) ~ MT01

I've had this on the bench for a while but I've decided I don't like it and am going to strip the handle off.


This is made of carbon fibre closest to the blade, Orange G10 on top then another layer of carbon fibre on top. The orange I used was too thick so it hasn't come out as the vision in my head. I have been chasing the shape round left on the top layer of carbon fibre trying to get it to look in a way I would like but I think that sometimes you should just stop!

The steel is a carbon steel so can rust and stain so will show some history after using it a while - I think a wood will be nice but I still like the idea of the layers. 
I need to see what I have but I'm thinking of brushed wenge to highlight the grain with a single lighter wood liner between the wenge and the steel.


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