Another Bushcraft knife on it's way.

Unusual for me to have two very similar knives finished at the same time. This one has hung around for a while, waiting for the right owner. It was sheathless until requested - finished the sheath last night and in the post today.

The blade model is a Felleskap. It was originally designed and made by Trond Pederson in 2003. It was inspired by the Woodlore / Ray Mears knife but noticeably different in it's own right.
 Later on Trond was unable to make more so he asked Steen Nielsen to make some more. I managed to purchase a Steen blade in 2005 (although I would like a Trond blade for myself still)

I quickly put a cord wrap on, just for fun but that didn't last long!

In January '06 it had a rough handle fixed in place of Padauk bolsters and Myrtle scales with black liners.

(I've not tried a similar looking combo since - shame)

Before it was finished, it was stupidly left in the conservatory of the house I was in at the time during the day time and the epoxy melted, lifting the scales.

I stripped it down with the plan to rehandle it.....eventually.

So August '10 I had come across the blade again and had a plan to handle it in Kingwood & Bog Oak combo with white liners.

I faffed about trying to source the white liners so it got forgotten about again for another while until eventually I put some stabilised Amboyna on...

 All good things...


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