Svord Peasant re-build Part 4 (I think)

Some projects just run on and on. Commissions push non-commissioned work down the pile so it's easy for things to get forgotten about.

With this one,the parts had been scattered around various boxes for a while, which didn't help, but even so, the first installment was August 2010!!

Svord Peasant re-build Part 1
Svord Peasant re-build Part 2 and other bits
Svord Peasant re-build Part 3

I've skipped on a bit since Part 3 to where I just picked it up now.

 Back spacer glued in place so that the blade edge doesn't come into contact with it.

The back spacer was then drilled, then the other side glued and pinned on.

A 'temporary' pivot out of a drill bit at the moment as that's the last part I need to find (or pinch off another Svord Peasant)

Top of the wood needs reducing down.... that it's flush with the blade tang.

 And then similar to the bottom of the handle for the blade edge.

Plenty more to do yet, but it's a step in the right direction....


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  1. hey thanks! now i have some good ideas on how to make my friction folder. cheers mate.