Spyderco Mule MT13P Elmax in Horse Chestnut Burr

Another Spyderco Mule but this time a different steel and a wood handle rather than micarta.

This one also has mosaic pins and red liners so it looks a bit more fancy than the previous one I did ( here ) but just as durable as the wood is stabilised.

 Spyderco Mule Team 13 - Elmax

 Spyderco’s thirteenth Mule Team Project installment uses Elmax steel produced by Böhler-Uddeholm Steel of Kapfenberg, Austria.

Böhler first sold steel in North America in 1925 by providing European-made steels to toolmakers, manufacturing industries and construction jobs in the U.S.  Their Elmax is an alloy composed using powdered metallurgic technology that was designed specifically for high-tech applications, primarily for use in the electronics industry.  It contains elevated levels of chromium, vanadium-molybdenum that deem it a well-tailored fit for making knife blades.  These elements translate into resistance to wear and corrosion and it has a homogenous grain structure making it malleable when grinding and forming.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful knife! Did you share pictures of the sheath to?