Some testing.

While finishing up another knife, I had the strop out and needed to scrape the leather clean - I grabbed a knife I had committed as being junk because I had damaged the handle, so now has to do all the rubbish jobs in the workshop.

I realised I hadn't tested a knife hard for a while.

Testing to destruction is essential to check the steel heat treat. Obviously not every knife but an occasional one. Some things can only be learned from snapping the blade and looking inside!

This one is an old one and somethings have changed in what I do now but i figured I might as well go for it anyway....

I'm a bit annoyed at myself that I didn't try bending it before hitting it with the hammer but not to worry!

There's always the next one...


1 comment:

  1. Well, I expect it was fun ...

    Next time, you'll have to ask your wife to hold the camera so it points in the right direction :)

    Doesn't anything with a vague wedge shape part softwood along the grain?

    Sorry, this is all negative :(. The grinder looks good though :)