A re-handled Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool

There are a number of survival tools based around the design that Lofty Wiseman drew up years ago. There are at least three that I know of (Trueways, Chris Caine and Staniforths) but there may be more. This one is the Staniforths one.

To do things backwards, this is how it ended up...........

and this is how it left the factory (stock shot)........

So this is how it arrived with me - scales removed, guard removed and a start of the handle profile being re-profiled.

I've shown some of the work I put into it on other posts.

The handle was changed to extend all the way back to cover the whole tang and hand the curves changed slightly and the guard left off. The blasted finish that was used to hide all the rough grind marks was removed then shined up. The tang needed re-tapering to make it flat.

The new handle was made from Yew with black liners to match another knife by the new owner.

The new handle lay-out makes it versatile for gripping, depending on the task. The curves at the back grip the hand when chopping but you can also hold the knife further forward for finer detail work.


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