A facebook page!

I have made a facebook page for my work as well as blogging here.


It might make it easier for you to follow what I get up to if you follow me on facebook as new blog posts will pop up in your newsfeed, rather than having to come to blogspot separately.

Please like it, if you like it!



  1. > as new blog posts will pop up in your newsfeed

    Facebook goes its own sweet way about what pops up in your newsfeed. Today, Stewart J Light; tomorrow: no f'in sign of you at all. Next Thursday, there you are. Grr.

    Meanwhile, an RSS feed keeps we poor people alerted to your new posts :).

  2. Tell me more! I have no idea how to do an RSS feed!

  3. 1) I'm using Firefox, and under the Bookmarks menu it offers "Subscribe to this page", with a choice of Atom or RSS. I think that's what I did ages ago.

    2) You're using Blogger, so Google for "add rss feed blogger" and you get loads of sites telling you how to add a widget or whatever.