New scales for a Spyderco Kiwi slipjoint - Part 1

A lot of people describe Spyderco knives as ugly but that's because generally they focus on function before form but I love Spyderco knives.

I don't own many as funds are tight but I would own lots if I could. They're my number 1 choice of folding knife manufacturer. An ethical company that produces great designs and engages their customers to produce pieces with their input. They also do collaborations with custom makers and one day it would be great if I could have a design made by them!

Unfortunately, there are some choices that they make that I think are a bit odd. One of those choices is the stag scales on the Kiwi Slip-It.

The stag seems very out of place. I'm guessing that the aim is to get something a bit more traditional but to me it just looks like a really ugly and uncomfortable lump.

However, it's a perfect opportunity for some scale swapping!

So, scales removed then a couple of pieces of orange G10 and three drill bits needed for each hole.

My drill set-up:
Unfortunately my vice doesn't match my large drill press table so I have to clamp it down. I really need to make a base for the vice that matches the table!
In the vice I've got a little block of aluminium that I've drilled and tapped so I can use it for clamping small parts like this - an idea from Bob Terzuola! 

 First hole done, showing the clamp in use.

 All four holes complete and counterbored. You can see how many test holes I did on the right hand piece. To drill one hole, I needed to use three separate bits!!

 A comparison of thickness. At this stage I'm undecided if I'll leave the G10 slightly higher than the bolsters or go flush. I'll wait until they fit before deciding.

The next job is matching the front and back shape of the stag to the G10 but that's for a different day.


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