A Bladesports cutting competition knife for me.

Something for me, for once!

As always, I leave things late. I should have finished this a while back so I could practice some cutting but in typical fashion, as it's for me, it has been put off! I have started slotting it in between other jobs so I can have it ready for the end of the month so I can use it in a competition.

I thought I should use something sensible such as micarta or G10 for the handle but I decided to use some nice wood instead as it's much more interesting. A nice chunk of Cocobolo that will give plenty of space for shaping!

A Bladesports knife is made to a few limitations. It can have a blade no longer than 10", width no more than 2" and an overall length no longer than 15". After that, it's relatively free in design! More detailed notes here: Knife Specifications

This knife is heavily based on Jose Diaz's Cane Toad Chopper. Jose is actually the President of Bladesports International at the moment, as well as being a maker of fine knives, so should have a good idea of what's required!
Bladesports started in America where there are quite a number of competition cuts throughout the year but it has also spread into a couple of other countries, although on a smaller scale. There is a 'World Championships' every year at the Blade show in Atlanta.

In the UK it's still in a fledgling state. It started here in the same way as the US - at hammer-in events, at the end of the weekend's forging. I am not a serious competitor by any means (at least until they start a feather weight division!!) but it's fun to do.

For an idea of what happens on a cutting circuit, here's the 2012 World Championships.

Sometimes individual cuts are made and there are some very scary/ impressive videos out there. The guys are amazing! My favourite is Dan Keffeler cutting a 2 x 4 in 1.21 seconds!!!!!!


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