The job I like the least when knifemaking.

If someone was to ask me what I like the least in knifemaking, I wouldn't even need to think about what to say - filing slots for guards!

It is such a frustratingly slow job and if you take off too much, you'll be left with a gap so have to start again. The aim is to have a joint between the knife blade and guard material that is nice and sharp with no gaps showing through.

The problem is, I still like making stick tang knives so I only have myself to blame!

This one is the guard being made ready for the stacked leather handle I am planning.

If you look on the tang of the blade, you'll see some scratch lines. I do this as I'm fitting the brass, just to prove to myself that it's actually moving along.

So it's pretty much there. Just the final fit to do.

I'm going to cut it to shape and polish the front face before I do any more to it.

Oh, how I wish for a milling machine!
(Feel free to donate one if you have a spare!! )


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