Guycep Neck - Now in G10 & Carbon Fibre!!

Remember this:

Guycep Necker - Carbon Fibre and Desert Ironwood

Well, checking my other bits of thin cut Desert Ironwood, I didn't have any sufficiently larger but did have some Curly Birch so I glued them to some more Carbon Fibre.

 Well guess what - the wood must have warped from coming inside while clamped and it set in a nice curve!!!!

This knife was driving me mad!

So, the better plan is to have both parts a synthetic material.

I have settled with Blue G10 and Carbon Fibre.

If anyone asks you for a quick way to chop good quality carbon fibre (it's like cutting glass!!) then a thin disc in an angle grinder is great.

All drilled, front shaped and polished then glued up.

Should be a more slim line necker than the Orange & Blackwood one. The pins are stainless in increasing size from front to back.

Oh, and I used a different glue on this one. It was sent by 3M as a sample ages ago and I've only used it on one knife previously and been very impressed. It's DP460 Structural Adhesive. Nice slow set time and dries solid. After the issues this knife has had so far, I decided not to take any chances!!


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