A quick update.

I'm out of the mind set of putting any posts up on what I've been doing lately. I've been distracted by decorating, having to keep tidying the workshop as things come in and out, not being able to find the charger for the camera, etc.

So today....

A little bit of shaping on the fixed blade styled on the Enlan EL-01..

Getting the cocobolo handle ready for the vinegar etched leuku blade...

but completely messing that up!

(holes are supposed to be round not ovals! - what a frustrating waste of wood!!)

Customising a Lofty Wiseman survival tool....

Sharpening some chef knives - I wear a kevlar glove now, just in case!!

a handle ready to glue on a kitchen knife in Turkish Walnut.

and a little bit more on the Spyderco Pride I'm customising. (finally found a replacement bolt!



  1. For the oval hole, you could drill it and all the other holes bigger and then glue in a piece (wood, metal, tufnol?) in a contrasting colour.

  2. Hi San,

    Not a bad idea but I think what I'll do is just chop the front of the scales off and fit a bolster instead.