A new batch of Vinegaroon started

I've finally done something knife related again.

When I moved out of the old house, I threw away the vinegaroon I had made up.
What is vinegaroon, you ask? It's simply a dye for leather that turns it black.

The difference between this and commercial dyes is that it actually causes a chemical reaction in the leather to change the colour, plus I can make it myself.

It's really easy to make, but takes a while to do, which is why I started the batch off now so I have some ready as and when I need it.

This is what you need - some wire wool and some vinegar (whatever's cheap)

then get a good sized container (this is the one I used for the last batch)

and pour in the vinegar...

followed by the wire wool...

(you can do those last two steps in the other order, if you prefer...)

That's it done, for now.

Leave it on a shelf then every couple of days open it up to give it a stir. The wire wool will slowly dissolve. Gases are released as well so make sure that the container you use isn't too air tight. Opening it up for stirring will help take the pressure of the gas away.


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