Two stick tang knives glued up...

 Two quite different knives glued up yesterday.

The one on the left is a blade made of Takefu Suminagashi, a Japanese multi-layered steel. The handle I've attached is African Blackwood at the front then two blocks of Kingwood from Brazil with some leather spacers between them all.

The right hand knife has a blade by Nic Westerman. It's a little whittler for me and is sharp, sharp, sharp!
The handle on this one is made from home cut Boxwood at the front and the main section of Tambooti, an African wood. there are four thin wood veneers between them - two darker and two lighter to hopefully mirror the Boxwood and Tambooti.

Quite a bit of shaping to do! Think I'll leave the Kingwood one until I have a new bandsaw blade!!


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