More doodling

This one is an idea that i've had for a while but was reminded of again recently.

It's a fixed design based on the Spyderco Balance that was designed by Ed Schempp.

Video on the Balance

The balance has a more downturned blade but is restricted to how it sits by being a folder. I'm thinking this could make a handy little kydex sheathed neck knife.

I'm undecided on the handle cut-outs at the minute and am playing with some more ideas. I like it looking a bit like bones and the angles make me think of a dinosaur!



  1. Looks like it would make a great small skinner

  2. I was just thinking of a 'handy' knife. When I saw the balance, I thought it would be great knife to have about your person for odd jobs. I bet the angle of the blade would be quite effective. A skinner sounds good!