An update, long overdue!

I've been going through a bit of a dark phase recently. While I've still managed to keep chipping away at my knives, I haven't felt too motivated.

I had lost my fire.

I'm ready to relight it so as a start, here's some of what I've been working on since I last posted.

A thick bladed Nessmuk with a Macassar Ebony handle.

A possible design for a 'mythical' knife. A bit of fun on a forum.

Started a new scale for the Spyderco Pride I was working on after messing up the previous one!

 A PSK blade - plenty of work to do.

Slotting some Mammoth for a James Wood whittler blade:

Basketworking some leather for a billhook sheath:

A general bushcraft knife - thinking a two part handle with reindeer antler and an undecided wood! (same style as Bison Bushcraft knives with the long bolster?)

A little slip to correct! oops!

A stacked handle. African blackwood & kingwood with leather inbetween.

A handle in Macassar Ebony & Cocobolo on a Dorset Woodland knives XL Nessmuk blade by FGYT


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