Tetrarch Neckers - Part 1

 Named after the Tetrarch light tank, these are going to be small but strong little neckers.

 The plan is for a chisel grind, vinegar etch (or depending on where I'm at with it, something more interesting), jimping on the spine, large hole at the rear for lanyard. No scales.

So the starting point is three 18" lengths of O1 steel, 1" wide and 7/32" thick - for those not great at converting Imperial to metric that's 5.6mm thick!!

 I decided to chop each length into three...

And here's a first thought on design with one of my favourite tools - my trusty Sharpie marker!!

Handle shape on one done. I wanted to get the holes drilled next so I could profile them all together, using teh first as a guide. I.m still undecided about the blade shpae but that can come later.

Drilling a stack of steel!

First hole done - 11mm.

Drilling a hole that wide and that deep (50mm ish) is not a quick job!

Leaving the 11mm bit in place to hold them all together, 7mm hole started...


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