Guycep Necker - Carbon Fibre and Desert Ironwood

I started another rehandle of a Guy Stainthorp necker a while back.
This was the previous one: Guycep Necker with Orange G10 & African Blackwood

I fancied doing something similar but different and eventually settled on Carbon Fibre and Desert Ironwood!

However, I seem to have been having a bit of bad luck lately and making some silly mistakes.

On glueing the handle on, for some reason things didn't go right.

Gaps and cracks!


The worst thing is that it's a waste of a gorgeous bit of wood!

So back to the start again....

Soak in boiling water:

Prise it apart:

And ready for another go:

Big sigh!!



  1. bummer, have all done things like that though, call it a learning experience :-).

    Can the scales be salvaged at all?.



  2. The scales may have some life in them but sometimes chasing a bad thing is the wrong way to go.

    I'll use another set for this knife and see what I can salvage from the old ones. A spacer or two, perhaps!