Is this a dagger I see before me?

After the last KITH (Knife In The Hat) that I made a knife for, someone suggested that we did a dagger KITH!
I was extremely keen to take part. I've not made a dagger before - the challenge of making a double edged, symmetrical blade will be interesting!

The only stipulation on the design is that the blade is symmetrical. The rest is open for interpretation.

The deadline is set for September. So far I have done no actual grinding and have no firm design.

Around the same time as the challenge was set, I attended Owen Bush's Hammer-In. While there, I sat through a talk by the amazingly talented Jake Powning. Look at his site and you'll see the sort of work he produces. Breathtaking!

It inspired me to want to attempt some handle carving and the dagger seems like a logical piece to do it on. When I got home, I pulled out George Bain's book on Celtic Art that my parents had bought me many many years ago on a holiday. I saw someone with this book at Owen's so figured it must be ok!

So, I have spent quite a lot of time trying to work out what to do. I want the design of the dagger to be the correct sort of shape and style to be appropriate to have some carving on. Viking design, celtic design. I want it to be at least vaguely authentic. Researching that remit has been tricky, especially as it needs to look good to my eyes.

Here's some of the very varied pictures i have saved for inspiration:


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