Hunter - Part 3

 Part 1:
Two New Blades Started
 Part 2:
Hunter - Part 2

The first bit of brass is epoxied on and this is what's to follow - carbon fibre and more brass. Not a normal combination but I didn't want to use vulcanised fibre but wanted a good contrast. Hopefully it should work!!

And all glued up - the main part of the handle is Wenge. 
The photo below is rubbish but you can see the block in the pictures above being used as the background.

 I need to get a new blade for my bandsaw so instead of rough cutting the profile with the saw, I went at it with a fresh 80 grit belt this morning. Very aggressive and got a lot smaller very quickly!

I hadn't taken the KITH knife down with me so didn't have it to hand to compare. This one is basically a bigger version of it. 

The main thing that needs changing on the shape is the section where the first few fingers sit.


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  1. Wowwww I love your work, you make amazing things!!! I wish I could make such things too! My compliments!!!

    Wish you all the best!!!