Toddy's knife - Part 1

So ages and ages ago, I ran a little competition with the prize being a blade ready to put a handle on, to the winners design.
Toddy won and picked the top design out of this lot:

At the same time as making Toddy's blade, I decided to make some of the others up as well as it wasn't a design I had tried out yet and wanted to play. For some reason I only started three out of the four and I don't know why now!

So one still needs to be profiled properly but I have progressed with the other two, both with bevels and heattreated, with Toddy's being worked on more.

The bottom one is flat ground but I think I may have gone too thin. We'll see!!
With Toddy's I have gone for a convex bevel. I know she likes it and uses it as she has a Bark River Mini Canadian.

I'm hoping that it'll be a nice discreet knife, quick to use but also comfortable due to the full length handle.

That could have been the end of this one (except for taking some more scratches out)
However, because it took me so long to get to this stage, I decided that I would put a handle on it as well (she can make the sheath herself! )

Mary wanted a wood that is native the UK and wasn't worried about the lanyard hole (I'm not too fussed by them either).

So a bit of Laburnum that was cut down from a friends garden more than 10 years ago, some stainless road, glue and clamps...

Then starting to rough shape....

A different day after fondling it a while to decide what needs to go...

The finger groove needs to be really comfortable. It'll make or break this knife. It'll be going thinner yet but I'm taking my time with it.


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