Spyderco Pride rescale - Part 3

I've moved on a little bit since the last post and starting this one. The Titanium has been ground down to shape and I've also reduced the height of the spring, almost to where I want it.

So next job is to make all the holes for the 1-72 screws that'll hold the micarta scales onto the Titanium.

A bit of marking out, trying to work out where to locate the six screws. I was undecided on the middle bottom one at this point.

With five drilled, I had a look from the uncoloured side to help decide on the sixth location - hopefully it'll look ok!!

To drill the holes in the same location on the other liner, I used the original bolts as location pins and a hand vice to keep it all together.

Twelve little holes

Then to start tapping - half done here!

The tapping raises a slight burr...

 ..so I used a small but very sharp countersink to just knock the corner off the holes on both sides.

Twelve holes tapped and screws in to check they're all ok!

Next onto the micarta.

One screw in...

...and holding a liner on so that it can be used as a drill guide.

Now what you might notice in the picture above doesn't make sense. The liner is on the wrong side of the micarta - that was intentional. I missed out drilling lots more holes but if you look on the picture below, it shows the underside of the micarta with all the holes drilled.

You can see the break-out from drilling. I didn't want that to be seen on the outside of the knife. Even though I'll be countersinking, I  didn't want to risk it going past the countersink.

So all the holes have been countersunk to allow the 1-72 screws to rest flush with the surface of the micarta. You can see the two test countersinks I did at the top left of the micarta, just to be safe! Once set, I used the depth stop on the drill press to make them all the same.

Right, what next?


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