Spyderco Pride rescale - Part 2

So again I forgot to take my camera into the workshop to take some action shots - shame as titanium sparks look cool (even though they're quite dangerous!)

Over the weekend I discussed the handle shape with Maarten. Shape A is the original shape but we're going to go for a shape like B so that it's a single curve in the centre. I had said that I was going to test it out with cardboard but this morning I got carried away and just went for it!!

A rough shape starting to form...

Lots more work to do on this side.

However in checking the liners fit, I have spotted a problem!

 I instantly thought that I had drilled the holes in the wrong place so put one of the old scales on but the problem is still there.

I'm going to check with someone a bit more knowledgeable than me on slipjoints but I'm hoping that I can grind the top of the spring down to be flush with the back of the blade.


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