Spyderco Pride rescale - Part 1

A re-scaling project where I've been given a bit of free reign.

The Spyderco Pride has aluminium scales that are fairly uninspiring and quite different each side.

The request was for micarta or G10 replacements but I decided that I'm going to go a little step further.

You can see the Pride resting on the Brown micarta that will be used for the scales. In the picture below, I have added some extra dots. They are where I will use Torx screws to attach the micarta scales to Titanium liners. The original screws will be hidden underneath the micarta. 

The original component parts.

So I missed out on taking pictures of drilling the holes in the Titanium.
Not too exciting but each hole needed two drill bits & one reamer.
- First use a 3.5mm bit to mark the centre of the hole, using the old scale as a guide for placement.
- Second drill out the hole with a 3.2mm bit.
- Third ream the hole with a 3.5mm reamer
- Repeat for each hole.

Beautifully lined up (but I just realised that I didn't drill out the lanyard hole!)

Next job that seems quite basic but is actually very important is to deburr all the holes.

More later...


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