A Woodlore Bushcraft knife copy

This design is the same as Ray Mears uses. He designed it himself and it is made by Alan Wood, a truly superb knifemaker. Due to Rays name on the design, it is a very sought after design with demand being higher than Alan can provide. Years back the company Wilkinson Sword made a budget version of the knife under Rays instruction but they went bankrupt and closed. In more recent years, the knifemaker Steve Wade Cox has been asked by Ray and the Woodlore team take make some of the knives alongside Alan.
Demand is still higher than they can provide so there are many copies by other knifemakers.

This is one such copy, completely made by myself.

This one is handled with Bog Oak. The original Alan Wood is Birds Eye Maple so the look is very different. Everything else is the same as the original with 4mm O1 steel with a sabre / scandi grind.

I must admit that it was a design that I was reluctant to make because it's so copied. I feel that by copying it over and over, it is stifling creativity. However, it was an interesting thing to make and it's good to say that I have made one, at least for myself.


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