Back in the game!

Well after what feels like an age, I'm back at work which also means I can get back in the workshop.

Straight away get the angle grinder out and chopped out two blades.

The first one is a fixed blade based on the Enlan EL-01 folder. I recently bought this knife to study the flipper mechanism and was so impressed with the feel of it that I thought it would be interesting to make a fixed blade version of it.

I feel that the design needs two little tweaks though.

The thumb ramp will be slightly extended and the guard will be more rounded.

The second knife I'm working on is a Canadian belt knife style knife, very similar to the type of knives Grohmann make. It's a very distinctive design and quite different to most other knives we see.

I was too excited about getting back on the tools that I forgot a lot of pictures so we've jumped on to having the blades profiled and the bevels started.

Both are from old saw blade, 1/8" thick.


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